Crocodile Tears

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Neon, holographic glitter, 3D texture, AND rhinestone bling?!! Oh my, don’t cry (with tears of joy)! 

This ready-to-ship "Crocodile Tears" press on nail set is a standard preset size medium+. The nail sizes included with this set are 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10.

Press On Nail Set Details:

  • # of Nail Tips Included: 14
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Gel Polish Color(s): Neons, White
  • Length: XXL
  • Nail Art/Design: Holographic Glitter, 3D Nail Art, AB Crystal Rhinestones 
  • Shape: Full Square

Each press on set includes an application kit containing EVERYTHING you need to apply your nails flawlessly!

Don't know your nail sizes? 

No problem! Sizing kits are available in a variety of lengths and shapes. It is highly recommended that you purchase a nail sizing kit in the specific length and shape of your desired press on nail set to ensure your perfect fit before placing your custom order.