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Nattie Nailed It, LLC

Bling Charm Lighter

Bling Charm Lighter

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Are you the constant victim of a lighter bandit? Need an eye-catching lighter that will make you stand out from the crowd?

Bling Charm Lighters are unique and add a touch of personal flair and style to your everyday essentials! Perfect for gifting or treating yourself, a Bling Charm Lighter is sure to spark joy and brighten your day!

Each lighter is meticulously covered by hand with trendy 3D charms, pearls, and quality AB rhinestones that sparkle in the light, reflecting a rainbow of colors.

The Bling Charm Lighter is fully functional and REFILLABLE. When it becomes empty, refill it using butane gas (available at most local convenience stores and on Amazon).

Each lighter is approximately 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. Some lighter styles are available with a wand on top for an extended reach. These styles are perfect for lighting candles!

NOTE: Your safety is paramount. Handle responsibly! Keep away from children. Nattie Nailed It, LLC is not responsible for product misuse.

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