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Nattie Nailed It, LLC

Nail Bae Keychain Wand

Nail Bae Keychain Wand

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Ever put your bank card in an ATM or parking meter and had trouble getting it back out because your nails got in the way? Struggle to connect and close a jewelry clasp by yourself? What about the pain of burning your nails while lighting or holding things? Need help opening a can of soda?!

Fear no more! Nail Bae is here to the rescue! Nail Bae keychain wands are the perfect accessory to grab cards out of tricky places, act as a bracelet buddy, never burn a nail again, and open cans effortlessly!

Did you also know that Nail Bae keychain wands are made from quality lava rock stones which are perfect to add essential oils to as a personal diffuser! Lava stones are known for their protective, strength, fertility and stability attributes. Lava stones help dissipate anger, find guidance, and ground you through their connection to Mother Earth.

Nail Bae keychain wands are available in a variety of colors and are attached to a keychain using a lobster clasp, making them easy to remove and reattach.

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