Wake & Bake Tray Set

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These "Wake & Bake" tray sets are ready to ship and are perfect for keeping all of your accessories and supplies in one place. The tray and ashtray feature gold foil flakes, glitter, and battery-operated LED lights! No need to worry about batteries because they’re included!

Aside from the LED-lit ashtray and tray, the set includes a coaster, cigar splitter, coffee mug, pop-top doob tube, lighter, lighter leash, mini grinder, two mini stash jars, Nail Bae keychain wand, stash jar, and travel tin.

There are two tray styles (#1 and #2) but each set includes the same coordinating accessories listed above. 

*Due to the handmade nature of these products, some small imperfections can occur. Please handle with care.*